Back Extension

Develops lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

Stand on foot rests with bar behind calves and upper legs resting on board. With straight back, bend at waist to lower torso. When limit reached raise torso to start position.


Bench Press

Develops pectorals, deltoids and triceps.

Lie on the bench with head under the bar, hold onto the bar. Push the bar upwards using your arms then lower to the starting position.


Butterfly Press

Develops pectorals.

In a seated position, extend arms horizontally and press forearms against pads. Press arms together towards the centre of the chest then release slowly.


Chin Ups

Develops biceps, triceps and abdominals.

Grasping overhead bar with both hands, pull your body up towards the bar, aiming to get your chin above it. Lower again to start position.

Due to the number of combinations available for this product, please contact your local representative for CAD files.


Hand Cycle

This product image shows both the standard and accessible versions of the Hand Cycle. For more information please contact your local design consultant.

Flexibility & Mobility

Handstand Wall

Develops shoulders and triceps.

In a sprinter’s stance, feet shoulder width apart, kick up into a handstand position with feet against wall. Slowly lower your body toward the ground then push body up to start position.


Leg Lift/Dip Bar

Develops chest, arms, shoulders and abdominals.

Leg lift – In a standing position with back against board, hold onto handles, raise legs to a horizontal position then lower again.

Dip Bar – Holding rails, lift body until elbows are straight. Lower body using arm strength and repeat.


Leg Press

Develops quadriceps, glutes and calves.

In a seated position place feet on foot bar. Holding onto side supports push feet away by extending knees. Return to original position.


Overhead Challenge

Develops arms, shoulders and co-ordination.

Progress from one end to the other, grasping rungs with alternate hands.


Parallel Bars

Develops shoulders, biceps, triceps and laterals.

Start with straight arms supporting your body weight, then progress from one end to the other.


Plyo Box Jumps

Develops hamstrings and calves.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, perform a quarter squat before aggressively swinging the arms forward and jumping onto the box. Step down from the box and repeat.


Pull Ups

Develops chest, back and shoulders.

Holding on to handles lean back toward the ground with feet anchored. Pull body upward toward the handholds.

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