User Information

We believe in not only creating state-of-the-art fitness equipment but providing support materials so anyone can use the equipment safely and help achieve their fitness goals. 


Each component is installed with its own signage which provides information about how to safely use the equipment, the muscle groups targeted, training tips to optimise the experience and important health warnings.

Instructional Videos

Adam GlossopTo ensure that users get the most out of our equipment we worked with the ParkFit Coach, Adam Glossop, to develop instructional videos which include tips on how to maintain good form, increase the intensity of the workout and other helpful hints.

Adam is a qualified Fitness Coach from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, with over 10 years of experience.

He owns and runs his own strength training gym and has a passion for sharing his fitness knowledge to better people’s lives no matter who they are.

Workout Plans

To further assist users to set and reach fitness goals, our ParkFit Coach created a number of workout plans to suit all fitness levels.

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