ForPark, the manufacturer of ParkFit, has been a market leader in designing and manufacturing outdoor fitness equipment for over two decades and has pushed the boundaries to produce this sleek, contemporary outdoor fitness equipment range.

From its impressive style, and unique design, to our high-quality materials and low maintenance, it has changed the face of outdoor fitness equipment.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ParkFit utilises the best European technology, incorporating the latest Rubber Resistance System (RRS) technology that offers a unique workout.

The range includes a combination of moving and static apparatus to suit everyone, from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) enthusiasts to older users who want to focus on flexibility and mobility. 

Increasing health issues like obesity, heart disease and diabetes mean that physical fitness is now more important than ever. However, most people aren’t ‘gym junkies’ that enjoy the sweaty indoor gym environment.

ParkFit was developed to promote physical fitness and encourage users to get outside, get active and build a stronger, healthier body.



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