Technology Used

Unique Functionality

Torque to Angles DiagramParkFit was developed in close consultation with health and fitness professionals, including sports physiotherapists and personal trainers.

ParkFit’s moving items are based on RRS technology, which is more advanced than traditional ‘bearing and lever’ based systems currently in the market. Resistance in these units is designed to increase throughout range of movement, which allows for an optimal range of muscle engagement.

As no two people are the same, this system will allow users to work within their own capacity, while maximising their experience.


RRS Technology (Rubber Resistance System)

The ParkFit range utilises rubber resistance system technology, increasing the longevity of the product and reducing the need for maintenance.Maximum Movement

Acting as a torsional spring device, the system allows for a maximum range of movement of 60 degrees in either direction from rest point.

The level of resistance increases exponentially throughout the range of movement (torque) away from rest (charge). As the unit returns to rest position (relieve) the energy loss per oscillation produces a resultant damping effect.