The Lakes Parkland – Forest Lakes

Brisbane City Council requested a fitness station like no other. Within this area, we had a lot of landscaping works that needed to be done by scraping this site back to make it level, drainage was also a big factor that needed to be carried out to prevent future overland flow that won’t contaminate the neighbouring lake. The sandstone blocks not only offer a retaining solution also works for seating as well as fitness step-ups and box jumps. We proposed a half bark and half rubber concept with an adjoining concrete path to also allow accessibility for all!

We made sure to include something for everyone with the diverse range of equipment we were able to provide to facilitate those wanting to not only exercise outdoors but be able to use each piece of equipment and target different areas of the body.

Featuring: Shoulder Wheel, Tai Chi Wheel, Butterfly Press, Shoulder Press, Aerobic Walker, Body Twist, Resistance Hook, Inclined Sit Up Board, Bench Press, Overhead Challenge, Plyo Box Jumps, Parallel Bars, Step Up Bar, Pull Up Bar, Handstand Wall, Chin Up Bar and Trapeze Rings.

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