Blatchford Sporting and Recreation Reserve – Murrumba Downs

Moreton Bay Regional Council were planning an upgrade to turn a damaged underused netball court into a vibrant fitness facility. Their Landscape Architect created a concept incorporating some incidental training elements around a central training circuit. The peripheral design ideas included a Stretch Station, Beep Test track, custom Trapeze Ring Station, Static Jumps, Stepping Ladder, and other line marked fitness activities. These are designed to test your limits and encourage use by people of all fitness levels. The circuit training ParkFit elements were selected to cater for all muscle groups and include an Aerobic Walker, Shoulder Press, Inclined Sit Up Board, Body Twist, Back Extension, and Leg Press. We also installed some platform benches and future shade trees, and there is a new netball facility on the way. This was all installed on time and under budget.

The Landscape Architect was impressed with the delivered outcome and the quality of our finishes. The ParkFit range is high-quality, low maintenance with signs and instructional videos online to help get the most out of a workout. ParkFit facilities like this are a great solution to help encourage people to get out and be active.

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